Bathed in Light,

Backed by Science

New Cell Rejuvenating Priming

Moisturizer in Golden

Welcome to Golden Hour. Those magical times of day—minutes after the sun rises or just before it sets—when shadows appear longer and everything is bathed in luminous golden light. These quiet moments, often imbued with optimism and hope, lend us an opportunity to slow down. To breathe deeply. And to take in all the beauty that surrounds us. 

The Fundamentals

Victoria Beckham by Augustinus Bader Cell Rejuvenating Priming Moisturizer in Golden is a sublime sun-kissed rendition of our original Priming Moisturizer. It’s not makeup—you won’t find pigment in this formula. Its brilliance is in the nourishing clean ingredients and ground-breaking TFC8® technology from Augustinus Bader, dappled with a warming mix of amber and gold pearl. Upon application, your skin will be bathed in light. Stay with it and you’ll experience a lasting glow backed by science.

When Beckham Met Bader

As one of the world’s leading stem cell and biomedical scientists, Professor Augustinus Bader of Leipzig University has spent more than 30 years developing a breakthrough medical treatment that activates the body’s own regenerative processes. From there, he adapted the technology for a truly unique skincare advancement.

Clean Beauty

We want your trust. That’s why we formulate with safety, transparency and efficacy at the forefront. Our products are free from harmful toxins and animal testing, and contain only what’s needed for high-performance results. We package using post-consumer and recycled materials wherever possible. Our mission is to keep the future beautiful for generations to come. And as a beauty brand in motion, we will continuously evolve, improve and challenge ourselves to be better.

The Results

Skin looks and feels renewed with a radiant glow and smoother finish. The appearance of pores and imperfections are immediately reduced and skin is left firmer, softer and seamlessly prepared for whatever comes next. The lightweight, yet hydrating formula, supports cell turnover and activates the skin’s own regenerative process to deliver clinically proven results.  In six weeks, pores and fine lines are minimized and skin’s radiance is boosted.

-100% greater cell turnover after 16 days of use compared to untreated control in a clinical trial.

Cell Rejuvenating Priming Moisturizer starter set.  1 15ml bottle in Original and 1 15ml bottle in Golden.


Golden is your sun-kissed glow, infused with amber and gold pearl for a warm, bronzy filter effect. Consider it the your-skin-but-even-glowier total skin perfector. 

Original is your luminous, color-free glow for a Paris filter effect. Consider it the your-skin-but-better total skin perfector.