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Instant Brightening Waterline Pencil

Inner Eye Liner

A universal tool to brighten and wake up the eyes, instantly.

Dermatologist Tested, Ophthalmologist Tested, Safe for Contact Lens Wearers, Vegan, Gluten-free, Soy-free

Luxury performance, clean beauty.

Made in Czech Republic

1.14g / 0.04 oz

What It Is:

A neutral pencil that works for all skin tones, formulated to be worn along the waterline to brighten and open up the eyes while toning down redness. Wear it alone or paired with eye makeup. VB loves it with a smoky eye.

What It Does: 

Wakes up the eyes with just a few strokes. Stays in place once it’s on: longwear technology keeps it pristine for eight hours. Aloe calms and fortifies skin with vitamins and minerals. Ginseng energizes the lash line and nurtures the delicate lower lash hairs.

The Result:

A nearly undetectable touch that brightens eyes and adds polish to every look—whether you’re wearing a little or a lot of makeup. Works better (and quicker) than 8 hours sleep.

“I distinctly remember the first time a makeup artist used a nude pencil along my waterline. It was preparing for the 2015 British Fashion Awards. I looked instantly polished and like I’d had 8 hours sleep (far from it!). I’ve been searching for the perfect clean waterline pencil ever since.” xVB

Instant Brightening Waterline Pencil

The Artistry Secret 

Peek into any makeup artist’s kit and you’ll find a nude eye pencil—it’s an insider’s magic tool for adding instant brightness to the eyes. The difference with this pencil: its perfected tone and unique formula make application a breeze. Artistry results. No professional artistry skills required.

Instant Brightening Waterline Pencil

The Universal Neutralizer

What makes Instant Brightening Waterline Pencil the perfect universal neutralizer? Tons of testing, done across fair and deep skin tones to achieve a neutral beige shade that flatters all eyes and skin tones. The versatile shade blends with the whites of your eyes and neutralizes redness, instantly.

Instant Brightening Waterline Pencil

Instant Results

Instant Brightening Waterline Pencil instantly wakes up your eyes: Works longer than a cup of coffee. Works quicker than 8 hours sleep. Works more covertly than sunglasses. Works with whatever makeup (or no-makeup) look you’re in the mood for. The opaque formula goes on with just a few smooth strokes and doesn’t blend or smudge with the moisture of the eyes, lasting all day. It works just as hard as you do!

Instant Brightening Waterline Pencil

Clean + Lean

More than a cosmetic fix, Instant Brightening Waterline Pencil awakens and soothes sensitive, fatigued eyes with its clean formula and gentle ingredients: Aloe calms and fortifies skin with vitamins and minerals. Ginseng energizes the lash line and nurtures the delicate hair follicles.

Instant Brightening Waterline Pencil

If You Love Satin Kajal Liner…

You’ll love our new Instant Brightening Waterline Pencil. Pair them up for a camera-ready look, no makeup artist required.  

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Instant Brightening Waterline Pencil
Instant Brightening Waterline Pencil