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Future Lash Mascara

Smudge-Free Lifting Mascara

Longer, lifted lashes instantly; stronger, silkier lashes over time. Rinses away effortlessly with just warm water. No cotton pads, no remover, no problem.

100% of people agree their lashes looked lifted upon application of Future Lash.

Luxury performance, clean beauty.

Long-Wear, Smudge-proof, Flake-proof, Humidity-proof, Sweat-proof, Dermatologist Tested, Ophthalmologist Tested, Safe for Contact Lens Wearers, Vegan, Hypoallergenic, Gluten-free, Soy-free

Size: 4.8 ML / 0.16 FL. OZ. LIQ. US

What it is:

An ultra-black, lengthening and defining mascara that conditions lashes like hair with VB's proprietary C2 Complex.

What it does:

Delivers smudge-free, sweat-proof, long-wear performance that won’t quit. Rinses away effortlessly with just warm water.

The result:

A lustrous and lifted lash look instantly; stronger, silkier lashes over time.

Mascara Reimagined, Reengineered, Remastered

“I was tired of my mascara being unable to keep up—always smudging, flaking, or harming lashes. The perfect mascara is something I’ve had in my head since day one, and to create my own, I wanted to reimagine what I needed from the ground up. We nailed it with Future Lash.  A clean formula, with plant-based polymers, for ultra-black,  fluttery lashes, and unlike anything I’ve tried. It’s an instant essential, it’s that good.”  xVictoria

The Look of a Lash Lift

Fluttery and fanned, ultra-black, lengthened, lifted, and defined—Future Lash is the ultimate mascara for Victoria’s favourite everyday lash look.

Next Gen Performance

Future Lash is a completely new view on mascara: Its cutting-edge clean formula delivers smudge-free, sweat- and humidity-proof wear that lasts all day. The silky formula doesn’t clump or flake, and hydrates and conditions lashes to strengthen them over time.

100% of people agree their lashes looked lifted upon application of Future Lash

93% of people agree Future Lash makes their lashes look longer

93% of people agree Future Lash did not smudge throughout wear

Plant-Based Innovation 

Many traditional mascaras use harsh and outdated ingredients like PVP (often found in old school hairspray) and vinyl polymers—leaving lashes brittle, stiff, heavy, and prone to flaking and breaking. Future Lash breaks the mold. It’s cutting-edge innovation uses plant-derived polymers to create flexible volume that transforms your natural lash for fanned out, extension-like length, locked-in lift, and flexible hold, free of flaking and breaking.

Get It On 

Start by swiping the inner curve of the Micro-Bristle Brush from root to tip to evenly coat lashes for a look that is lifted, fanned, and fluttery. 

Pump up the volume by adding more product with the outer curve of the brush, concentrating on the roots, for added lift and definition. 

The micro bristles emphasize even the tiniest of lashes, from base to tip, corner to corner.

100% of people agree Future Lash was the easiest mascara removal they’ve ever experienced

Exclusive water-activated Instant Removal Technology (IRT) allows for it to seamlessly detach from lashes, transforming into tiny water-soluble filaments that gently rinse away entirely and will not bioaccumulate in the environment.

No makeup remover, no cotton pads, no problem.

The Case for Clean Mascara

If you’re considering cleaning up your beauty routine, experts agree that clean mascara is a critical place to start. Why? The mucous membranes on the inner surface of the eyelid and the covering on the eyeball itself can absorb harmful chemicals into the bloodstream much more rapidly than they are absorbed through the skin. 

Future Lash is Clean, Cruelty Free, Vegan, and free from: Alcohol, Beeswax, BHT, Animal Collagen, Cyclic Silicones, EDTA, Essential Oils, Formaldehyde donors, Fragrance, Gluten, Nano Materials, Ozokerite, Palm Oil, Parabens, Paraffin, PEGs, Propylene Glycol, Sulfates, TEA

Hair Care for Every Lash

Future Lash cares for your lashes like hair—with a plant-based C2 Complex that nourishes, conditions, and provides breakage protection for longer, stronger, healthier lashes immediately and with continued use. 90% of people agree their lashes felt softer after removing Future Lash.

  • Shea Butter nourishes and conditions your lashes and hair follicles, ultimately supporting the growth of strong, healthy hair

  • Niacinamide (vitamin B3) helps avert eyelash breakage and aids in the production of keratin, a protein which helps with hair growth

  • Panthenol (pro-vitamin B5) acts as a humectant and hydrates lashes to keep them supple to prevent breakage

  • Pistacia Lentiscus Gum, derived from sap of a tree native to the Greek Isles, naturally adds volume and lift 

  • Tocopherol (vitamin E) conditions and nourishes lashes

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Future Lash Mascara
Future Lash Mascara