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Posh Gloss High Shine Lip

Reflective, show-stopping,’70s-worthy shine. Incredible cushion. No stickiness. Victoria takes gloss from 0 to 100 with this hydrating, lip-plumping formula that is so clearly Posh.

The Shade: Ice is crystal clear.

Packaging: True to Victoria’s style, Posh Gloss is streamlined, chic, and covetable. It comes housed in a glass bottle with a cap adorned with her signature horn pattern.

Luxury performance, clean beauty.

Dermatologist Tested, Vegan, Gluten-free, Soy-free

4 ML / 0.13 FL. OZ

What It Is: 

High shine, full, healthy lips—the ultimate moisturizing quench for a plump Posh pout. Debuting in a single crystal clear shade, Posh Gloss in Ice is an essential for every lip wardrobe.

What It Does: 

Provides reflective shine while instantly filling lips and visibly smoothing texture and lines. The non-sticky moisturizing formula protects the delicate skin of your lips to prevent dehydration for healthier, more youthful lips.

The Result:

Lustrous lips that are worthy of Posh—hydrated, smooth and plump with a glassy, mirror-like shine. Ready to hit the disco floor or add drama to your dinner date.

“Throwing back to my Spice Girl days, Posh would always wear a high shine clear gloss with a heavy lip liner to make her lips look fuller. That’s when my love affair with gloss started, but I always found it heavy and uncomfortable to wear, and my hair would inevitably get stuck in it—especially riding on the back of David’s motorcycle. So it became my mission to create a gloss that was beautiful, with reflective, mirror-like shine—but wearable and not at all sticky. I believe we got it right.” xVB

Posh Gloss in Ice

An Ode to Show-Stopping, ’70s-Worthy Shine

“I’ve always been inspired by ’70s style—the fashion and beauty moment of pure maximalism that still, somehow, had an ease to it: glassy lips, peacock eyes, billowy waves. Now spending time in Miami, where there is such a freedom of expression and sexiness, I’m constantly reminded of that gorgeous, glamorous era.” xVB

Posh Gloss in Ice

We Started with Mirrored Finish + Incredible Cushion

“I love the idea of gloss—reflective, crystal clear, cushiony—but the real thing never met my expectations. So, for two years I’ve been testing countless lab submissions. Finally, I found the most perfect balance of ultra-high shine and non-sticky, long-lasting performance. And that’s what you’re getting in Posh Gloss. The first shade, Ice, a universal clear shine, will help anyone achieve a gorgeous fuller lip, swiped lusciously alone or topped over any VBB lip colour.” xVB

Posh Gloss in Ice

We Added Clean + Lean Treatment Innovation

Posh Gloss is infused with everything you want, and nothing you don’t—key clean active ingredients that treat and moisturize lips while strengthening the barrier.

Lip Repairing + Barrier Strengthening

Black Currant Oil: contains high amounts of skin-loving omega fatty acids to condition lips and restore flexibility Vitamin E: this antioxidant hydrates and shields against free radical damage for healthier, more youthful lips Plant-Derived Lipid Complex: strengthens barrier function to protect lips from dehydration and sensitivity

Super Moisturization + Plumping 

Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride: offers comfortable cushion, slip and shine upon application to give a plumping effect to the lips Aloe Butter: rich in compounds that provide skin-healing and antioxidant properties + rapid hydration for instant plumping

Posh Gloss in Ice

Our Hero Ingredients

The skin of your lips is especially thin and delicate, hence the need to continually protect and nourish. Aloe Butter is an optimal conditioner that leave lips soft and supple.

Vitamin E and Black Currant Oil work in harmony to provide antioxidants and essential fatty acids that restore flexibility for healthier, more youthful lips.

Posh Gloss in Ice and Posh Lipstick

Your Way to the Perfect Posh Pout

Solo: Slick Posh Gloss over clean, bare lips for reflective, healthy shine. Pair with a dramatic eye—or no makeup at all.

Over Posh Lipstick: Apply your favourite shade of Posh Lipstick. Dot a touch of Posh Gloss at the center of the mouth only and press your lips together to distribute and enhance fullness.

Over Lip Definer: To enhance your natural lip look, outline and pencil in your lips with your favorite Lip Definer.  Follow with a swipe of Posh Gloss all over the lips--the crystal clear gloss attracts light to give instant dimension and fullness.

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